What Element Are You?

Are you a natural leader? Do you have a quick grasp of things? Or are you more deliberate?
Are you passionate about every aspect of your life? Do you tend to be nurturing or especially considerate of others? Do you weigh and measure every little thing? Or are you instinctive and tend to shoot from the hip?

There is no right or wrong answers to this assessment. And you are not taking this test to impress anybody. So only you can benefit from the outcome.

We suggest that when taking this surprisingly insightful 5 elements assessment you apply Occam’s Razor: Simply stated, your quickest response, your most instinctive reaction, is the most accurate. And be sure to think of yourself in the moment – not what you’ve been in the past or what you might think you want to be in the future. No statement is a right or wrong answer. There are 90 questions in this assessment.